CTSC, LLC Receives Nunn-Perry Award

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 15, 2014 — CTSC, LLC was presented with the Nunn-Perry Award, recognizing outstanding performance in-regards to its Mentor-Protege partnership with Global Consulting International (GCI).

As mentor, CTSC helped GCI develop business capabilities, transform business operations, and manage opportunities to improve the protege growth potential through long and short term business goals. Additionally, CTSC aided GCI in establishing a framework for performance tracking via metrics and evaluate and improve business processes infrastructure, including leadership and supervisory skills. This has helped GCI to improve project management effectiveness and the ability to recruit and retain highly capable employees for the future. Growth since the Mentor-Protégé began has allowed GCI able to expand its business measurably, allowing them to position themselves as competitors for prime contracts.

Mentoring assistance was provided by Hampton University (HBCU) and the Mason Enterprise Center – George Mason University (SBDC). CTSC, GCI, HBCU and SBDC attribute their relationship to creating a results oriented, trust-based business relationship between valued partners.

Offical release and photography of the ceremony will be released May 22nd.