The Chenega Invitational

The 12th Annual Chenega Invitational is to be held Thursday May 24th at the Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA and will benefit 100% volunteer run Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Warriors.

Registration information can be found on the registration portion of the website.

Chenega Corporation’s Military Intelligence and Operations Support Strategic Business Unit has been raising funds for Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Warriors since 2007, with the Inaugural Chenega Invitational Charity Golf Tournament. Since 2007, Chenega MIOS has been able to donate over $500,000 to benefit Aid for Wounded Warriors. The 11th Annual Chenega Invitational Charity Golf Tournament raised an additional $70,000 in funds for our deserving soldiers and their families. For more information about the Azalea Charities and its Aid for Wounded Warriors, please read below.

Azalea Charities

Azalea Charities, Inc. is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organisation that raises funds to support a dual mission. Nationally and internationally, they are focused on Aid for Wounded Warriors (AWW), while simultaneously supporting youth and special needs in Northern Virginia. 100% off all donations received by Azalea Charities goes directly to these causes that make a difference in the lives of those in need.

 Aid for Wounded Warriors 

Aid for wounded warriors began in June of 2004, when the Board of Azalea Charities unanimously approved the request of Captain George Kraus, USN Retired, to support his efforts to provide comfort items to our wounded military men and women and their families. Since then, through the generosity of individuals and businesses, like Chenega and our golfers, they have provided thousands of comfort items and services to our deserving heroes.

How does Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Warriors provide these items? AWW purchases specific items requested by Military Medical Centers, VA Medical Centers and Fisher House Rehabilitation facilities each week. Working with the Quality of Life Foundation by providing funding for the “Unmet Needs Fund” allows AWW to aid in the support of the needs of caregivers faced with the challenging task of providing long term care for a wounded loved one.

Chenega and Azalea

In recent years, Chenega and Azalea’s AWW have also begun to provide aid not only for those physically wounded by their service, but also those suffering from the mental affects so often associated with time in combat.

In 2015 Chenega and Azalea were proud to be able to sponsor the 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment Reunion. Many of our golfers may remember our guest speaker from the 9th Annual Chenega Invitational, Corporal Wade J Spann. He served in the 1/5 Marine Regiment and shared with us just how many in his unit had ultimately succumb to PTSD and taken their own lives after service. CPL Spann coordinated, along with other members of the 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment, a reunion so that these men who served together, fought together, and banded together as brothers-in-arms have an opportunity to reunite, which will for some, be the first meeting in almost 10 years. Both Azalea Charities and Chenega MIOS were proud to sponsor the event by donating $20,000 from the Chenega Invitational’s proceeds to help the veterans with transportation and accommodations for the event.

1st battalion 5th marine regiment reunion photo
Pictured above is the 1st Battaltion 5th Marine Regiment at their Reunion at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe.


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