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    • Chenega Logistics LLC offers information assurance, certification and accreditation processes, enterprise security and monitoring, computer network operations, .NET development, service oriented architectures, ASP, C#, JAVA development, business application support/development, Microsoft solutions, IBM Solutions, Oracle Solutions, mobile solutions, application life cycle management, webmasters, software design and engineering, software testing and monitoring, desktop support services, systems administration, database development and administration, intrusion detection and blackberry administration.

Benefits of an 8(a)

A streamlined and flexible procurement process

A sole-source procurement to an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) offers the Government unique speed and flexibility. It is Non-Protestable.

Under the provisions of FAR 19.805-1(b)(2) and 13 CFR 124.506(b), a sole source contract to an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) provides a streamlined and flexible procurement strategy, and an agile and scalable solution to meet current and future requirements.

For the most part, government requirements and draft Statements of Work (SOWs) are such that that literally any company will view itself capable of performing and the government will receive a plethora of proposals, making this otherwise simple procurement difficult and very time consuming (Independent of the source evaluation process and the possibility of mission delay due to potential protest). With a sole-source award to an ANC, agencies can focus on mission continuity and preservation of intellectual capital of existing incumbent contractor workforce, if any, through the strategic partnering with the incumbent contractor and/or the hiring of key incumbent personnel by the ANC.

Law and regulations permit open discussion between the Government and the ANC throughout all phases of the procurement. Such interactive discussion ensures complete and comprehensive understanding of Government requirements and mutual exploration of alternative approaches to solutions. This is particularly advantageous to the government if the task in question has a reasonable degree of unknown future requirements that makes developing the government’s SOW complex and the response to proposals from competitive bidders difficult to evaluate. A sole-source award to an ANC allows the government to keep the SOW as broad as possible in order to meet unknown future requirements. Unilateral contract ceiling modification flexibility after award is another plus.

The government can benefit from the ANC’s ability to develop a “dream team” of subcontractors to meet specific government requirements that might not be available under a competitive environment.

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