Chenega Logistics Professional Solutions

The knowledgeable, professional specialists at Chenega Logistics are committed to providing you with high-quality technology services and collaboration. We can meet your network and technical infrastructure needs through the entire life cycle – from design to implementation and support. We provide a wide range of innovative solutions to all size clients, large or small, in federal, military and private sectors.
  • Information Security Technologies

    Today’s emerging threat landscape and increasing aggressive attacks present serious risk to an organization’s systems and information. As access to those systems and information moves beyond the desktop to remote and mobile endpoints, so does fraud. CL’s security team professionals can help you identify your assets and secure access by implementing an agile, adaptive IT […]

  • Supply Chain Management

    CL offers Asset Management Services from the installation and a network of RFID readers to transmit the location, security and condition of shipments moving through major parts, border crossings and supply chain nodes through our secure cloud and then to your network. Achieving Total Asset Management on a pay-per-use model is offered through our Supply […]

  • Enterprise Information Technology

    Information Technology (IT) problems and solutions can come in all sizes. Small problems may be solved by implementing a standalone system or with modest enhancements to existing systems. For example, a low cost surveillance system can be the solution to an organization’s security risks. Larger issues may involve a more complex solution that requires the […]

  • Unified Communications

    Whether on premise or off premise or around the globe, today’s technology offers many choices for keeping securely connected. While having choices is advantageous, it can pose disadvantages as well. For IT, multiple applications from multiple vendors can be complex and costly to manage. For users, a variety of communications tools means a variety of […]