ChenegaTI at MPLE 2016

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo., September 14, 2016 — Chenega Technical Innovations (ChenegaTI) is currently exhibiting at the 2016 Military Police and Law Enforcement Expo at Fort Leonard Wood. ChenegaTI is proud to offer a kit assembly solution that maximizes the life-cycle cost efficiency by evaluating end user needs.

Below, CTI Program Manager Paul Weidhas, demos a Patrol Vehicle Kit for Expo Attendees.

These kits are crucial for both Military Police and Law Enforcement. All components are designed to fit in an all weather, heavy duty bag that can be kept on the patrol car’s passenger seat or in the trunk. The kits come equipped with flashlights and batteries, clipboards, pens, latex gloves, crime scene tape, and many other elements critical to the operations of a patrol officer.

Patrol Vehicle Kit