Veteran’s Day 2015

On this, the most important of holidays, Chenega Technical Innovations wants to sincerely thank our soldiers, – past, present, and future – their families, & their loved ones for their service and dedication to our country.

Since the inception of Chenega Technical Innovations we have remained unyielding in our commitment to our military members and their families. ChenegaTI is committed to hiring wounded warriors and veterans at all company levels and in many positions throughout our organization. ChenegaTI understands that this commitment and support does not simply extend to the workplace but in matters outside of it as well.

To all of our Veteran’s and Military personnel, the non-government, non-profit website Military Benefits has put together a great list of locations where military men and women can receive free or discounted items. Please click here to visit the Military Benefits site.

ChenegaTI once again thanks all of our military for their strength and sacrifice. Thank you for keeping us all safe.

To learn more about ChenegaTI’s commitment to hiring military Veterans reach out to us on any of our website’s Contact Us forms and someone will get in touch with as soon as possible. For our current job listings visit our Careers page.