Past Performance
  • Navy Logistics

    CAS processes material and services requests and maintains warehouse stocking levels to ensure that multiple maintenance facilities across the U.S. have access to necessary parts and supplies. This work supports the agency’s success as a Naval Air Systems Command Center of Excellence.

  • United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence

    CAS provides studies and analyses, technology planning, and capability assessment to support the agency in accomplishing mission essential tasks. Our work enables Army leaders to make informed decisions to optimize Army intelligence capabilities and deliver these capabilities to soldiers across the Army.

  • Health Records Management

    CAS supports electronic and paper records retention programs in 180 agency offices across the U.S. to ensure that office hard copy and electronic records are compliant with current National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) policies and laws. Our records custodians conduct regular site visits to observe and review records management processes.

  • USAID Middle East Bureau

    CAS provides analytical support and technical assistance to USAID’s Middle East Bureau to support missions that empower individuals and communities in high-risk environments. Adhering to a philosophy rooted in sustainable development through locally based solutions and meaningful partnerships, our processes of minimizing cost waste and using monitoring and evaluation techniques are helping to build a […]


    CAS provides IT Services and support to the Emmitsburg, MD National Emergency Training Center Campus to include computer systems design, development, documentation, integration, installation, data collection, system maintenance and training.


    Providing classroom and curriculum development support to the 2 million students that the Emergency Management Institute instructs annually. Scope includes full-curriculum preparation and distribution for resident courses, specialized meetings, symposiums, workshops and off-site resident courses.

  • Site Evaluation and Audits

    CAS provides oversight to military response units helping to ensure full compliance with law, policy and doctrine. Some of the services include evaluation, training, and inspection in order to provide agencies with detailed information for use in making management decisions.

  • English Language Training and Military Acculturation Training

    CAS provides English Language Training and Military Acculturation Training to students in Foreign Military exchange programs. Our process improved student graduation rates in just one year. We also provide a team responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of classrooms, student housing, and offices.

  • IT Help Desk

    CAS SECRET and TOP SECRET-cleared help desk staff support 37 Windows Server 2008 R2 servers, 550 Windows 7 workstations, and 1,500 users with 24/7/365 on call support to address MIPRNET and SIPRNET issues, video teleconferencing, information assurance, configuration management, and legacy application support.

  • Customer Service Help Desk

    We provide clerical and customer service support to eligible military personnel. We provide travel claims and support the military with transportation requests. Our staff also provides secretarial support.

  • Multimedia Support

    CAS supports various multimedia requirements to Army and other Department of Defense customers. We produce graphics, photos and images, videos, terrain models, training aids, posters, presentations, and other materials in studio and field settings.

  • Intelligence Experts

    CAS personnel serve in key advisory and analytic positions to provide national intelligence customers with mission knowledge for tactical awareness and signals intelligence (SIGINT) expertise for strategic planning and collection mitigation. Our team serves as the lead trainer ensuring that mission responsibilities are developed by the same standards.

  • Intelligence Reporting

    CAS collects and analyzes foreign and domestic  intelligence and produces several TS/SCI read-books and situational reports, including a daily publication that informs Army leaders of foreign threat capabilities and intent.

  • Army Public Affairs

    CAS produces photos, presentations, brochures, and web documents that support agency branding for Command, public information, and historical documentation. Our photographers take photos in studio and in the field to represent a range of agency activities.

  • Engineering and Technical Support

    CAS provides Process Safety Management and change administration, systems hazards analyses, standard operating procedure development, technical data updates, and drawing database management, review, and updates in support of a Department of Defense Customer.

  • Maintenance and Janitorial

    CAS maintains a 750,000 square foot facility, providing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair of essential building equipment and components. Our janitorial staff ensures that agency staff are able to operate in a clean, safe environment without any risk or threat to security of files or operations.

  • Records Management and Digitization

    CAS manages 14 records management units and is developing an electronic records management system to support agency compliance to the Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records and the NARA Directive. Additionally, CAS processes the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

  • Warehouse Logistics

    CAS maintains, manages, and tracks inventories of facilities management equipment, parts, tools, and supplies at multiple U.S. campuses totaling 14,190 square feet of warehouse space and housing $3M in inventory. We produce and deliver 150 copies of an annual product catalog.