Contract Wins

Delivery of Foreign Culture Orientation Training in Support of the Navy Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Program of the Center for Information Warfare Training

September 1, 2017 — Kapsuun Group was awarded the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk (FLCN) Delivery of Foreign Culture Orientation Training in Support of the Navy Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Program of the Center for Information Warfare Training Contract.

Kapsuun Group will provide Foreign Culture Orientation Training (FCOT), intended to introduce specific elements/characteristics of one or more of the multitude of cultures and sub-cultures encountered throughout the world that may affect Navy missions. Competence in intercultural communication depends not only on the learner’s understanding of a foreign culture, but also on his / her own interpersonal skills, disposition, social flexibility, tolerance for ambiguity, and ability to cope with cultural dissonance. FCOT will be primarily knowledge based, but may include one or more exercises requiring the learner to apply the knowledge elements presented during the training to perform or simulate performance of inter-cultural communications within a realistic, problem-based scenario requiring critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving.


25th Air Force Linguist and Analyst Support Services IDIQ

July 28, 2017 — The 25 AF has awarded Kapsuun Group, LLC (KG) a potential 4-year $69.9M IDIQ to provide analyst and linguistic support services to on-going Air Force operations.

Kapsuun Group will provide linguist and analyst support services for 25th Air Force’s 55th Wing, 70th and 480th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Wings, the 361st ISR Group and the 24th Air Force’s 67th and 688th Cyberspace Wings. KG will work with decision-makers and Air Force linguists to assist with the on-going efforts of the 25 AF mission supporting the Warfighter by providing near real-time intelligence and cyberspace intelligence to National decision makers, theater and combatant commanders. Work will occur through 2021, at multiple locations both CONUS and OCONUS.


National Guard Bureau J3 Support Services

September 20, 2016 — Kapsuun Group (KG) was awarded the National Guard Bureau’s (NGB) J3 Support Services Contract and will be responsible for providing the necessary level of administrative, professional, and technical support required to facilitate the overall objectives of the Domestic Operations Directorate. Kapsuun Group will support the National Guard J3 Director’s Group, J33, J34, J35, J36 and J39 in the following ways:

KG will provide knowledge and expertise to enhance the mission requirements of the J3 Director’s Group through monitoring, analysis, and coordination of Directorate level tasks.  KG personnel will provide situational awareness, training analysis and monitoring for the J33 Division.  For the J34 division, our team shall support mission assurance, critical infrastructure and NG reaction force/Non-lethal Weapons areas.  For the J35 Division, KG personnel shall provide analytical support for past, current and future actions, activities, resources and capabilities including programs and initiatives supporting OCNGB or CJCS performance expectations.   For the J36, our team shall assist in  cyberspace operations, guidance and training.  For the J39, shall provide analytical and expertise for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear (CBRN) Response Enterprise (CRE) mission.


82nd Training Wing Royal Saudi Air Force English Training Instructor

September 13, 2016 – The United States Air Force (USAF) has awarded Kapsuun Group (KG) LLC a single award IDIQ contract for English Language Training in support of United States Government Security Assistance and Security Cooperation Goals. The USAF is executing the 82nd Training Wing Royal Saudi Air Force English Training Instructor (RSAF-ELTI) under the authority of the Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron (AFSAT).

AFSAT is the executive agent for all USAF sponsored international training and education. The squadron implements and approves USAF-sponsored security assistance training, monitors the progress of training and the welfare of USAF-sponsored international students, and provides guidance for implementation of the Department of Defense (DoD) International Program.

KG is responsible for providing RSAF International Military Students (IMS) administrative and customer service support which will function in support and augmentation of the 82nd Training Wing International Military Student Office (IMSO). In addition to using Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) courseware, methodology and processes, KG will provide learning library/media lab operations to augment ELT course material with general military, general aviation and general maintenance terminology to enhance the ability of the RSAF IMSs to understand follow on operational and technical training terminology.


Sea Warrior Program Office Risk Management Information

July 11, 2016 – The Department of the Navy (DON) Naval Safety Center (NAVSAFECEN) has awarded Kapsuun Group (KG), LLC the Sea Warrior Program Office (PMW 240) Risk Management Information (RMI) Development & Sustainment Support ID/IQ. The DON NAVSAFECEN’s mission is to prevent mishaps, to save lives, and preserve resources.

The initiative for RMI supports that mission and consists of four capability areas. These areas are established to improve safety processes and automated support for those processes and are: Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR), Single Point of Entry (SPOE), Analysis and Dissemination (A&D), and Safety Program Management (SPM).

PMW 240 has the program management responsibilities for RMI and is acquiring products and services to build, deliver and sustain RMI systems. KG will be responsible for providing the PMW 240 Program with services for design, development, integration, implementation, and sustainment of RMI systems within its portfolio.