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Risk Management Information (RMI)

Kapsuun Group’s Risk Management Information can improve your organization or agency’s readiness by turning data into actionable information. Provide your personnel with an enterprise view of necessary information to gain a better understanding of the hazards and risks associated with your organization’s operations and processes. This understanding prepares your team to make informed risk decisions, preventing losses through more efficient and effective operations.

KG is experienced in developing RMI capabilities and configuring Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software to satisfy RMI initiatives. KG can provide the services for the design, development, integration, implementation, and sustainment for the RMI system that will fit your agency’s ever changing risk management needs.

English Language Training (ELI) for International Military Students (IMS)

Kapsuun Group provides full service English Language Training for International Military Students using Defense Language Institute English Language Training Center (DLIETC) courseware, methodology and processes, coupled with total immersion, or face-to-face instruction. Our highly qualified English Language Training Instructors are able to identify students who may not be meeting academic requirements and assign supplemental language training coursework or even provide individual training program classes, aiding students in achieving academic success.

KG’s English Language Training capability is not limited to the classroom. KG provides a Field Studies Program to enhance the English Language Instruction and also provides transportation for all International Military Students in an official capacity. Full scale support is provided in the form of a customer service and administrative programs, as well as tier 1 helpdesk functions to support all courses, media labs and internet cafes.

Intelligence Support

  • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

Program Support

  • SAP
  • Operations and Fusion Center

Secure Facilities Management

Linguistic Support

Technical Training

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