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 Shareholder Investment

Pursuant to federal law, all Alaska Native Corporations must be directed by an all-Native shareholder board, and 100% of the corporation’s profits must inure to the Native shareholders in the form of dividends, scholarships, educational assistance, Elders and health benefits, language and cultural preservation, and investments in the corporation that build Shareholder equity and provide for healthy, sustainable corporation growth.

Each year, Chenega Corporation invests approximately 20% of its profits to support the preservation of Chenega’s past, and the creation of Shareholder opportunities for the present. The balance is invested back into the Corporation to build Shareholder equity and grow the corporation for a sustainable future.

Collectively, these Shareholder investments provide:

  • Shareholder Education & Career Development
    •  Scholarships for Shareholders, their spouses and descendants
    •  Internships
    •  Career and college preparatory workshops starting at age eleven
    •  Education endowments to secondary and post-secondary institutions
  •  Shareholder Benefits
    •  Life Insurance
    • Wellness assistance & counseling programs
    •  Discounted hotel rates at Chenega’s lodging properties
    •  Burial and bereavement support
  • Chenega History, Culture and Traditions Preservation
    • Language Preservation Posters, Dictionary and Audio-Recordings
    • Documenting of Chenega Elder Story-telling and traditions
    • Three Publications chronicling Chenega’s History and Traditions:
      • The Day that Cries Forever
      • We are the Land, We are the Sea
      •  Chenega Diaries, Stories and Voices of our Past

See: www.chenegadiaries.com

  • Documenting of subsistence Hunting, Fishing and Food Preparation
  •  DVD of holiday songs sung by Chenega Elders
  •  Development of a Chenega Baidarka Culture Camp
  •  Support of Historic Chenega Events: Chenega Memorial Day
  •  Financial support of Russian Orthodox Churches throughout Alaska
  • Shareholder Dividends
    Chenega Corporation leads the way with consistently sustained and generous Shareholder dividends.
  • Economic Development
    Chenega Corporation invests in projects and programs which enable economic infrastructure development in Chenega Bay on Evans Island, and, the original Chenega Village site on Chenega Island.
  • Building Shareholder equity and growing the corporation for future Chenega generations.
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The Chenega Diaries Stories and voices of our past

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